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Blue Shape Image Custom Commercial Wraps: Make Your Business Stand Out

Tired of looking at boring old vehicles and walls? Get them wrapped in vinyl, featuring exciting graphic designs! Impress your customers or motivate your employees! Promote your business on the road or break up your space internally by creating a visually stimulating environment.

Easy to install or replace, our wraps work on just about any surface. If you’re looking for advertising options that are as effective as they are eye-catching, give wraps a shot!

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Blue Shape ImageVehicle Wraps

An expertly designed and applied vehicle wrap can be a powerful tool for small to medium-sized businesses. Without risking any vehicle damage, these vinyl wraps can be updated or removed with ease. Turn your vehicles into moving bullboards, advertising for free wherever you go, generating impressions in a cost-efficient way.

Blue Shape ImageBuilding and School Wraps

Building wraps are any interior or exterior, large-scale design covering that transforms the look and feel of a space. In the right hands, any surface can become a canvas for your business’ logo and message. From smooth interiors to textured exterior walls, our experts can test your surfaces for material compatibility, ensuring optimal application and lifespan. We’ll then help you craft a custom atmosphere from the ground up that’s both inspiring and inviting.

  • Light wraps
  • Locker room wraps
  • Door wraps
  • … and more!
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