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Blue Shape Image Short list of questions and answers that we typically tackle

For a sign to carry your message out there, it needs to reflect what your business is all about. That’s why SignEffx works closely with all clients, from initial concept to final product, guaranteeing full customer satisfaction. Here’s a short list of questions and answers that we typically tackle.

Does SignEffx handle design internally?

Yes, we have graphic designers in-house to make your vision come to life. Not sure where to start? Give us a call, and we’ll guide you through this process.

Does SignEffx create stickers/signs internally?

Yes we do! SignEffx has in-house printers, laminators, and other manufacturing specialists.

Does SignEffx handle sign installation?

Of course! Please contact us for a quote, providing details on the size of the sign and distance of delivery; these will be taken into consideration when estimating the cost of installation.

How can I prevent sun damage to my sign?

We highly recommend laminating any sign that will be placed in the sunlight for extended periods of time.

Is my project too big or too small for SignEffx to handle?

Absolutely not! While we do have a minimum order amount for smaller projects, we are more than happy to assist and would love to see your project come to life.

What is your typical turnaround time?

Generally, it takes about two weeks from design to installation. This is dependent on both our schedule and the customer’s responsiveness in approving proposed designs.

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